International Scholastic Journal of Science

Volume 17, Issue 1, January-December, 2023

From the Editors


1. Temperature and Frequency of a Nyltech Ukulele String
  Minyada Chotichaicharin

2. The Aerodynamics of a Falling Hopea Odorata Seed
  Jonathan Vitayatanagorn

3. Work, Energy, and Efficiency of a Recurve Bow
  Sedthasard Kasetcharoenkit and Patrick Nguansamarng

4. Period and Thickness of a Spinning Disc
  Chulpaibul, S., Colaco, K., Techavutichai, J., Tian, R., Triwatana, A.

5. Winged Seed Aerodynamics and Atmospheric Density: Preliminary Results
  Bundhuratana, S., Hunsreesagul, M., Israpanich, A., Piromchotesiri, N., Thamakaison, K.

6. On the Mechanical Properties of Oobleck
  Boonfahpratan, V., Chokdeepanich, R., DurĂ£o Rodrigues, P.A., Goyal, R., and Terdprisant, K.


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