Aims & Scope

The International Scholastic Journal of Science provides a venue for secondary school science students to publish original scientific research conducted as part of their science studies. The ISJOS employs a rigorous selection, review and revision process to ensure that papers published constitute an original, valid contribution to scientific knowledge.

        The Journal publishes entry-level research that has been conducted by science students in the secondary school laboratory. Papers are published in all areas of the natural sciences on any topic related to a typical secondary science curriculum. Special research conducted by secondary school science students outside their normal courses using university or industry laboratory facilities are not appropriate for publishing in the ISJOS.

        Entry-level research is not expected to address cutting-edge topics. Entry-level papers represent a small but meaningful contribution to extending our knowledge of the world. Papers published in the ISJOS must demonstrate originality, validity, and high levels of confidence in the results, and offer suggestions for continuing research.