In an ideal world, teaching science to secondary school students means not just teaching students the science content, but also teaching them how to be scientists. Students should experience all aspects of being a scientist. They should not only master current scientific knowledge found in text books, they should also learn how to create new knowledge through scientific research and then have the opportunity to publish their work. At StudentScientists.org, we work towards the development of science curricula that include opportunities for original student research and publishing. As a part of that effort, in January, 2015, we established the International Scholastic Journal of Science, ISSN 2408-1884. The ISJOS was originally known as the ISB Journal of Physics from 2007-2012, and as the ISB Journal of Science from 2013-2014.

The International Scholastic Journal of Science is an entry-level, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the original research of secondary students in all areas of the natural sciences. The ISJOS is edited by Dr. Jonathan Eales. Papers submitted to the ISJOS undergo an editorial selection process and are then forwarded to a member of the Peer Review Board, which consists of current and former secondary school science teachers. Following peer-review and acceptance, the editor consults with the author to revise the paper according to the suggestions of the reviewer. Upon revision, the paper is sent to the reviewer for final approval. The ISJOS publishes papers on a rolling basis as they are received throughout the year.

The International Scholastic Journal of Science is an online, Open-Access Journal with no author or submission fees. Papers in the ISJOS are copyrighted under Creative Commons licensing, CC BY. Authors retain the copyright to their papers published in the Journal.

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Editor: Dr. Jonathan Eales

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